Duo Multitask Stand Pet Dryer


The perfect finishing and blast dryer combination if you are only dealing with a limited throughput of dogs (we recommend a maximum of 5 days a day with this machine)

  • Single fan carbon brush motor equires routine servicing
  • Variable air speed and temperature for versatile drying
  • Interchangeable accessories high-velocity and finish drying
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Our View:

This affordable multi-task stand dryer is popular in smaller or part-time salons – we sensibly recommend modest workloads not exceeding 5 dogs per day.

  • Variable air speed
  • Single heat setting
  • Detachable interchangeable styling nozzles (x3)
  • Flexible high-velocity drying hose
  • Finishing drying barrel
  • Removeable, washable air filter
Servicing Needs

Annually / Every 800 hours Our servicing team will completely strip the dryer down and check all of the electrical components including the wear on the carbon brushes. All internal parts of the dryer will be cleaned of any dust and dog hair. This includes a complete strip down of the motor – so hair and dirt can’t overheat the dryer and put the motor at risk. If any faults are found and parts need changing, such as elements, switches, housing or motors we will always contact you with a quote before undertaking any work.

To make a servicing appointment simply call us on 01354 691830.


Humidity Dryers don’t like humid conditions – which can cause problems when bathing and drying needs to take place in the same space. We encourage all our customers to make sure work places are well ventilated and that any dryer is stored and used in dry air conditions.

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